Photo by  Ross Maloof

Photo by Ross Maloof

Minum Selections is a wine importer and distributor based in Chicago, IL. We present wines that can connect anyone to a sense of time and place—bringing us closer to nature and the stories of the winemakers who created them.

It is our honor and pleasure to represent small winemakers who capture the truest expression of the grapes and the region’s soil, climate and terrain. Our winemakers favor quality over quantity—they work with time, not against it. This means wines with minimal intervention in the cellar and are produced using sustainable farming practices, such as organic and biodynamic methods. Our favorite wines have no additives such as sugar, artificial yeasts, excessive sulfites, coloring or enzymes.

Minum Selections was founded by Ben and Olen, a couple who fell in love with natural wines and their versatility to pair with a diverse range of food. We personally hand-select the wines we sell and pay close attention to our winemakers and their commitment to sustainability.